Sky Blue and Lukas Enciso

Sky---LukasSky Blue

Sky Blue is the founder & director of Picante Latin Dance, director of the annual Byron Latin Fiesta, the Sydney International Bachata Festival and the Sydney Cuban Salsa Congress.

With more then 15 years experience as a dance teacher, choreographer, performer, costume designer & event organizer she brings her passion for the Latino world to life.

Sky trained as a dancer in Australia from the age of 8. She then travelled extensively to Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, America & Europe to study the authentic dance styles she works with.

Sky’s unique teaching technique focuses on body movement & the essence of the Latin rhythms. She has fine attention to detail and a great ability
 to break down all different dance styles to teach them to first timers or experienced dancers a like. Her focus is on street Latin, and she is currently specializing in Cuban Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba.
Sky teaches Private lessons and special Bootcamps and dance Workshops.
Her dance workshops are dynamic and fun incorporating lots of body movement & partner work with smooth sexy moves. Sky will be teaching together with Lukas Enciso at the Bachata Festival 2014

Lukas Enciso

Lukas Enciso is the director of the newly formed art, music and dance school “MUNDO Style” based in Melbourne. He has had over 4 years of latin dance experience, dedicating those years with intensive training in various latin, african and afro-latin dance styles.

Lukas has performed and taught for several dance schools, dance festivals and Latin festivals around Melbourne and other parts of Australia. His various dance styles include Salsa, Bachata, Cuban Son, Cuban Rumba, Candombe, ChaChaCha, Kizomba, Semba and various other styles.

Lukas has a huge passion to share his knowledge of music and dance in fun and intricate ways that he hopes accurately benefits the learning of the students he teaches. Lukas will be collaborating with Sky Blue for the Workshops at the Bachata Festival 2014.