The Sydney Bachata Festival is proud to present the BIGGEST Bachata Concert in Australia. For 2020, we are proud to announce, one of the most prominent names in the Bachata industry today, a singer who has become synonyms with Bachata worldwide!

We will have, all the way from Curaçao, one of the most talented BACHATEROS in the world, EPRHEM J! EPHREM J concert will be on Saturday, 25th of April, 2020

  • Saturday, 25 of April, main night of the event. FULL CONCERT WITH A LIVE BAND (SON VENENO)!


Singer and Composer

The Story of Ephrem Jonathan, an artist for the world.

With a name that resonates with force in different countries, Ephrem J. has taken his childhood dream to the stage. Born in a small Antillean nation, with Latin and Dutch roots he has developed his artistic potential as a multicultural interpreter with unique characteristics. He has learnt several languages and can interpret his music not only in four different Spanish dialects, but also in English, Dutch, Papiamentu, and Portuguese. Ephrem J. is quoted as saying “I will be an international artist who will raise the flag of Curaçao and the Dominican Republic,”.

Ephrem J. Ocala began to compose his own songs at the tender age of twelve and within the first three years his groups songs began to hit national radio stations resonating with both young and adult audiences and expanding their fanbase.

In 2006 the restless young man decided to leave the group to go in search of a goal that, despite having obtained so many triumphs, he had not forgotten. “Internationalization” He wanted to spread his wings and reach his goals by taking his music to different parts of the world.

In 2007 Ephrem J. recorded his first album entitled Esperanza (Hope). Inspired by love, passion, and romance this album was based just on ballads, romantic love loves. Both songs “Esperanza” (Hope), and “Stimabu So” (I Fell in Love), ranked very high on the local popularity charts.

From 2007, to the present day Ephrem J. has performed in front of audiences of more than 100,000 people in different festivals both locally and internationally including some of the biggest shows of the Dutch Caribbean and Europe.

In 2008 Ephrem J. was honored to receive an acknowledgment as a solo artist for his single ‘Stimabu So’ in the Music category and he was the second finalist in the ‘International Composers Contest’.

In his native country, he was awarded the “Edgar Supriano” as “Singer of the Year” by the National Association of Musicians and Artists. Other honors (“Karabela Awards”, “Latino Award”) distinguished him as “The Best Voice”, “Song of the Year” and accreditations as “Soloist of the Year”, “Best music video clip” and “Best Artist of the Year”, making him the most renowned singer-songwriter of the Caribbean area in the last five years with a record number of awards in his name.

In December of the same year, he released his second album: “Latin Evolution”, with several tropical songs, showing once again his talent and versatility as a singer and composer and helping him officially enter the Latin market. He traveled to Los Angeles, Miami, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and European countries.

In January 2009, the songs “Te Quiero” and “Mala Suerte” from the “Latin Evolution” album, as well as the adaptation of the Rubén Blades song “El Nacimiento de Ramiro”, had been well received by the public.

Ephrem J. began to explore the music market further to see which genres were best liked. He decided to challenge himself by releasing his third album, toning new rhythms, especially Bachata which he considered to be strong in the market. Considering his Latin roots and great love for his relatives in the Dominican Republic and passion for that genre he decided to start recording his first Bachata in 2009.

“I feel comfortable singing any genre having had to interpret them all in the first years of my career, it is a pleasure for me to now work within the Bachata genre. To experience and identify with it as I have done and be able to manifest it in the same way as a great artist such as “Juan Luis Guerra” and “Aventura”.

Recently he has been working with a producer of the highest caliber in the genre, Mártires De León who has worked with great music figures such as Monchy y Alexandra. “What I do now is a new style of Bachata, with different blends to what the audience listens to today. We try to mark a personal stamp, and, in my opinion, we have achieved it”, says the outgoing singer.

In 2012 Ephrem J. signed his first recording contract with Mayimba Music Inc. A New York-based company, which is known to have also worked with Bachata artists such as Zacarias Ferreira and Renzo among others. After signing with Mayimba Music Inc, three of Ephrem J’s songs made it to the Latin Billboard Charts in the United States.

Ephrem J has been fortunate to record two songs in the studio of Lenny Santos (Aventura) one of the most renowned and award-winning Urban Bachata producers of recent years. Titles such as “Ausente Esta Soledad” which was positioned in the top 20 of the Billboard Tropical of the United States 3 weeks after its launch, as well as “Noche de Maravillas”, a great collaboration with Bachata artist Alexandra ex-member of the immortal Bachata duo Monchy Y Alexandra. Ephrem J also had the opportunity to work with other great Dominican producers, such as Isaías Lecklerc, whom produced the bachata hit “I Want to Run to You” Ephrem J’s first hit on the charts of the United States.

Ephrem J began to tighten his repertoire and had several shows in Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. He also traveled to Suriname to a Salsa conference.

In 2014, 2015 and 2016 Ephrem J dedicated his time and talent to charity programs, that had become a constant throughout the years for the artist. Annually, he prepares a calendar to gather contributions for different charities.

With this new chapter of his career, he has reinvented himself, but once again highlights the priorities that have always guided him as a musician. “My new approach is to make the whole world know my work, identify with it and know that I am an original artist, one hundred percent, not someone who comes to copy or repeat the known”.

Ephrem J. released his new single “Mi Lluvia de Amor” (My Rain of Love) first in the Dominican Republic. “It’s a dream for me to be in the Dominican Republic, it’s to be at home. Every time I step into the island I am filled with joy and inspiration” emphasizes the singer/songwriter.

In October 2018 Ephrem J. released “No Hay Impossible” and “Baila Conmigo” two singles from his new album” EL MEJOR MOMENTO”, and the singles had much success in Latin America countries, the Caribbean and Europe. This project took approximately two years for Ephrem J. to finish due to his commitments in touring different countries presenting small and large concerts in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Curacao, Aruba, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Holland, England, France, Spain, Poland, the United States among other places in the world.

Ephrem J launches another promotional cut for the United States “Como Una Oración” (Like a Prayer) That also appears in his new album “EL MEJOR MOMENTO” (THE BEST MOMENT). The fourth official album of Ephrem J.

“COMO UNA ORACIÓN” is a composition of author/singer Ephrem J. in which he narrates a story of a person in love. A story about a love that does him harm, that God saves him and doesn’t allow him to fall into the temptations of the bad love again, because every time that person returns she brings lies and suffering and is not a healthy love.