Chris and Amanda


Dance Styles: Kizomba, Urban Kiz, Semba, Tararraxinha, Afro House, Hip-hop

Other: DJ, MC, Event Organiser, Director – Kiz Fusion, Teacher – Afrohouse & Kizomba

Born in Paris, French/African, DBCHRIS started early training of dance in Hip-hop in (2001)

He has taught African Afro beat styles – Dombolo and Coupe decale and has been dancing Kizomba since 2009 and has been teaching in France. In addition, DBCHRIS DJ’s for major events and various urban dance styles in Paris.

DJ DBCHRIS hit Australian shores one year ago and has since been dancing up a storm and sharing his love of music, as a teacher and DJ with the Latin scene here in Sydney.

Amanda Tantzaris

Dance Styles: Kizomba, Semba, Brazillian Zouk, Salsa

Originally trained in Brazillian Zouk 2011- Amanda has been dancing professionaly since 2013 and has learnt from many international artists. Inspired and taught by Carlos & Fernanda Da Silva, William Teixeira, Val Clemente and Lucia Kubasova. She discovered Kizomba in 2015 where she fell in love with the style. Trained with French instructors DJ DBCHRIS, Marine Carpinteiro and Mika Fortes.

Amanda travels yearly to update her dancing styles, gain inspiration and develop her dancing in other countries.

DBCHRIS and Amanda have partnered for the past year developing their own style and adding some influence from Brazillian Zouk and Christophe’s other dance styles; Afro-House, Semba, Hip-hop. They have been involved with the Cuban Salsa Congress & Sydney International Bachata Festival, Australian Kizomba Festival, host regular events in Sydney and were the ambassordors for the International Flashmob in Sydney for Sept 11.