Sebastian Vera – Originally from Chile, director of Aotearoa Latin Dance with over 10 years dance experience.
Since being in New Zealand Sebastian found a love for dancing salsa and bachata. This led to his passion for teaching and growing students in the Latin Dance community.

He has recently created his school ALD which his 2 teams achieved 1st place at the NZ Latin Dance Championships in open latin teams and open salsa teams in 2019.

Here are a few other awards accomplished over the years:

• 1st place professional Salsa ON1 at the Chile Salsa Congress
• 1st place professional Bachata Cabaret at the World Salsa Solo in Brisbane
• 2nd place amateur Salsa ON1 at World Latin Dance Cup in Miami, USA
• 1st place professional Salsa and Bachata at the NZ championships

Alongside this he has been performing and teaching at many prestigious Latin festivals around the world which include: Top Bachata in Barcelona, Bachata Masters in France, Salsa Spring in Greece, Salsa Bangkok Fiesta in Thailand, World Bachata Festival in Malaysia, the Singapore Latin Extravagance and Melbourne Latin festival.

Camila Molinaro – Born and bred in the north of France, Camila grew up in a family background steeped in art and music. Since an early age she was practising music, drama,ballet and modern dance. Camila developed a love and passion for Latin dance and rhythm; and consequently she began her first dance journey with Bachata in France, then Australia and throughout Europe performing at many different international dance festivals.

After completing an art degree in the country of her birth, Camila decided to pursue her dream of traveling around the world to explore her passion for dance. She started in Perth, Australia where she spent 4 years as a full time Bachata and Kizomba instructor. In 2014 she performed and taught with John Toretto at the Sydney International Bachata Festival.

During this time she opened her own dance company Swave Dance in Australia with Kevin Tigueron, organising events in Perth and successfully growing and expanding the community of Bachata and Kizomba.

In 2017 Camila decided to return to France to further her dance career where she spent this last years teaching in several events and festivals around Europe.

Thereafter in 2019 she decided to start another venture and explore new territory by travelling to New Zealand under the banner of Swave Dance in order to continue her work with event organisation and teaching workshops based all around Auckland.