Scott and Rebecca

Opposites in many ways, Scott & Rebecca make for an interesting dance partnership (specialising in Brazilian Zouk). They will say themselves that “it really shouldn’t work, but it does” and somehow their differences in personality and physicality unite to produce both unique and memorable performances and also interesting learning experiences for those who attend their classes and workshops.

Scott has been dancing Zouk Lambada since late 2010, however only started to take it seriously after a bad experience at a workshop. Afterwards he drove 4hrs to Sydney then 4hrs back every weekend for months in order to receive professional training and hasn’t looked back since. An unlikely dancer, Scott had no prior dancing experience and was a highly unnatural dancer at first, with the first few months being very hard but the experience taught him to truly practice and master movements as he rarely “just picked it up.” This has made him appreciate the art of teaching later which steadily gained more recognition, with Arthur and Layssa inviting him and Rebecca to teach at their studio for a month while they were away.

In 2014 he moved to Newcastle and met Rebecca, eventually asking her to be his partner. Since then he has actively tried to compete whenever the opportunity has arisen and loves to add acrobatics into routines. “If it isn’t dangerous, it isn’t worth putting in” is often the mode of thought!!!! He has been invited to teach and perform overseas as well; recently coming 1st in both Strictly and Jack and Jill competitions in Singapore in early 2019.

Rebecca has expressed herself through movement and dance individually since a young age. However, despite years of training and professionally performing in other dance genres, the introduction to Latin and partner dancing meant having to surrender some of her much loved independence and control, which presented a new and unusual challenge.

At the time having dabbled in Salsa and Bachata, when she first saw Brazilian Zouk performed on stage in 2010 she was immediately drawn in. Living in Newcastle, classes were not available locally. She travelled to Sydney to attend 3 classes of a beginner’s course but it was years later in 2014 when Scott moved to Newcastle that the opportunity arose to dive right in. It’s been onwards and upwards since then as student became assistant and then an official partnership emerged.

Rebecca is often noted for the lines and flexibility showcased in their routines and both her and Scott love being able to shock and surprise audiences. They have become known for their lifts and tricks where “strength and grace” combine on stage for exciting and dynamic shows that include moments of audience laughter, gasps and cheers.

Although their backgrounds are two worlds apart, Scott and Rebecca are united in their value for continued development of both their own dance skills and their teaching skills, and are always thinking of new ways to deliver high quality and value for audiences and students.

In recent years they’ve taught together at various workshops in Sydney and events such as Sydney Spring Zouk Festival, Brisbane Zouk Festival and World Bachata Festival in Malaysia.

2019 is also shaping up to be an exciting year for their partnership with invitations to teach, perform at and attend events in both Australia and Asia.


Posted on

20 March 2019