Sam & Titaua

Samuel Tetumu was born in Tahiti and grew up in the world of Tahitian dance and culture. He participates and wins many “Heiva” (a traditional annual event that takes place in July in Polynesia) with different groups. He likes dances to 2 and wins several dance competitions in TAHITIAN ROCK some with his companion Titaua Vanbastolaer.
From the age of 20, he travels to the four corners of the world to promote Tahitian dances with shows and workshops. With his travels he discovers Latin dances and is passionate about BACHATA and KIZOMBA. He looks at several videos to get the basics of his dances there and then starts learning in stages.

-In 2014 he opens his dance school SAMDANCE TAHITI where he teaches TAHITIAN ROCK.
-In 2015 Samuel shares his passion for BACHATA and KIZOMBA by also learning his dances there.
-In 2016 during a workshop with Nestor and Rebecca organized by the Couleurs Caraïbes Tahiti association, a BACHATA contest was organized and the amateur couple are students of Samdance Tahiti.
-That same year TITAUA VANBASTOLAER also teaches Tahitian rock, bachata and kizomba for beginners to help SAMUEL. She is also a Tahitian dancer and has won prizes in Tahitian rock.
She is the manager of SAMDANCE TAHITI and strives to bring a Tahitian touch on each costume she makes (example of holding the SIBF) to promote TAHITI.
Since February 2018 she gives classes of Lady Styling.

-In 2017 SAMDANCE TAHITI represents French Polynesia at the SIBF with pride in presenting a bachata with some movements in Ori tahiti. Australians have called it BACHATAHITIAN.
Tahiti, Hawaii, Malaysia and Sydney proudly performed choreography together on the Rooty Hills stage with Nestor and Rebecca and “Couleurs Caraïbes Tahiti”.

-In November 2018, the association Couleurs Caraibes Tahiti organizes the “TAHITI LATIN DANCE FESTIVAL” during which Samdance Tahiti students participate in bachata and Tahitian rock competitions, they are all on the podium!
-Vaihere and Vincent BACHATA
-Brenda and Sebastien ROCK TAHITIEN 1st prize
-Mélissa and Kealii ROCK TAHITIEN 2nd prize.
For the first time TITAUA and SAMUEL give ROCK TAHITIAN lessons “Tahiti Latin Dance Festival” !!!
-On April 2019 Samuel and Titaua will be at the SIBF with 7 students, we will be 9 from Tahiti !!!


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11 January 2018