Catarina Duran

Performing on various stages here and around the world with over 35 years experience. Catarina has worked with several professional international artists as well as training, teaching, choreographing and preparing advanced and professional dancers for the entertainment and competition industry. Resulting in winning choreographies, champion dancers and elite entertainers to now head teachers or industry leaders. From Salsa, Tango, Samba, Cabaret & various Latin Dance styles Catarina brings some old school and contemporary to keep the essence of Latin Dance Alive.

Currently teaching a variety of Samba steps and choreographies with varying tempos, she will teach you to samba, shuffle, glide, & shake with graceful samba aggression and energia.

After several years, decades, productions, performances, workshops, privates etc. conducted for professional dancers & entertainers followed by motherhood.

The Latin Stars Dance Academy was born to enable new and existing dancers/artists with young families to have a place to come together and continue to share and learn their love for Latin dancing. Now all families, friends and fellow dancers have a family friendly academy that caters for all levels and age groups beginning from 2.5yrs to adulthood.