About CyC
Carlos Redondo (Spain) and Chloe Loh (Australia), both now living in Brisbane, are a fresh bachata couple that have emerged to bring his european style and her sexy urban flavour together. Dancers & choreographers, teachers & creatives. Initially starting out on their own paths and eventually finding each other through dance, they are living out a dream they couldn’t have imagined. It started with a dance in small nightclub in Rome in 2015 (where Carlos was finishing his degree) and end up with him quitting his studies to follow her all the way to Australia. With a focus on their strengths and upgrading their weaknesses they brought a vibrant and energetic feel to the Latin Scene and their journey, that has just started, is being an exciting one. Carlos and Chloe have taught and performed in many festivals and countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, UK, Israel, Hungary, China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden, French Polynesia, Romania, Germany, Russia, Poland, New Caledonia, Vietnam and Croatia.

Even though they are not competitors, CyC represented Australia in the World Bachata Champions of Champions in October 2016 as Australian Bachata Champions. In 2017, their bachata team won the national championship in the World Salsa Solo.
Carlos and Chloe are well-known for their unique fusion style and creativity. Their workshops are full of energy and original moves. Their charisma and social dancing skills make them one of the favourite couples for the crowd. While they continue to pursue multiple projects, their main goal is to share impactful art through dancing that can inspire others to do the same.

About Chloe
CHLOE LOH is one of Australia’s leading female dance instructors and performers in Salsa, Bachata, Samba and Kizomba. She is known for her high-energy, passion and creativity on stage, socially and in her classes. Chloe has been a part of the latin community for over 13 years and now running her own professional entertainment company and dance school, Paradizo. Over the years, she has produced numerous professional dance shows and student choreographies, as well as being a professional judge on the competition circuit. She has performed for Channel 10 on Everybody Dance Now as a finalist with her professional Samba Team and has been contracted as the official entertainment for numerous special events around Australia. Her aim is to share her passion and knowledge with her students and professional dancers so that dance in the community is improving in culture and quality.

About Carlos
CARLOS REDONDO from Barcelona (Spain) started at the age of 14yo, focusing on Bachata Sensual, Moderna and Dominican; Salsa LA and Mambo and Lambazouk. He is known for his fresh urban movement, charisma and high-energy. After many years of training with the best of Europe, Carlos became a teacher in the biggest latin dance school in Spain: UDance. He then decided to move to Italy, where he taught in major dance schools, pushing Bachata Sensual. Later that year, Carlos met Chloe in a small social party in Rome and decided to move to Australia. He had no doubt that this would be an opportunity of his life and had no hesitation to leave everything to make his dreams come true. After only 3 weeks in Australia partnering with Chloe, they won a National Championship and in October they represented Australia in the World Bachata Champions of Champions as Australian Bachata Champions. That was just the beginning, the first step. Carlos has taught and performed alongside Chloe in more than 20 countries and his goal is to inspire people to express themselves through dancing.

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2 March 2019