Sohel & Dalal

Sohel-DalalDalal is a very talented new upcoming performer and instructor performing in several places within the Salsa scene in Sydney. Her achievements so far in such a small time span include being a finalist in Australia’s Best Bachata Social dancer 2012, 3rd Place in Australia’s NSW State Titles 2013 Professional Salsa Solo Category & 1st Place in Australia’s Best Salsa Social Dancer 2013. This only shows her dedication and love for Latin dance.Emerging from a hip hop background, she found her true love for the latin culture and dance 5 years ago. Dalal ranges from styles such as Samba, Salsa, Reggaeton, Hiphop and Bachata and has been performing on a professional level for the past 4 years.

Her unique styles are created through her fusion of hip hop and Bachata focusing on building ladies confidence through styling and technique.