Seemore and Cristina

HOF-Bolero-18Seemore and Cristina, founders of Hips on Fire.

Hips On Fire was founded in Boston, MA, USA, in 1998 with the commitment to preserve and transmit the traditional Latino dance styles from most of the Latin-American countries, under the direction of Seemore Johnson and Cristina Pujol. Teaching more than 12 different Latino Dances, from the most known and popular: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, including Reggaeton, to more traditional like: Cumbia, Cha-Cha-Cha, Bolero, Bolero-Son, … and more autochthonous like Costarrican Swing, Ballenato, etc, and more recently they have added to their repertoire Kizomba and Semba. They have been known to train lots of the now great dancers that New England (USA) has, providing excellent training and instruction, for students and Instructors, with a loyalty that have lasted in some cases for over a decade. Their attention to detail, their capacity to break down steps, their capacity to adapt their teachings to any individualized need, their energy, their passion, their playfulness, their creative vision, have made them very sought out instructors around the world. Although they have had a lot of demand as Salsa instructors, currently they are very known and wanted for their unique style of interpreting and spreading the romantic Bolero and Bolero Son, Bachata and Kizomba, and for their very own creation Rueda de Bachata, which is also spreading very fast all over the world for the past few years.

Watching the effect that dance has on individuals, after their years of teaching and dancing, they are now specially dedicated to sharing their knowledge and inspiring others through the art of dance and training other instructors in the art of Latino dance.

These couple’s creativity has no limit, so their exploration into dance fusions are also well known. Their uniqueness has brought them to many countries all over the world: USA, Spain, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, etc. And students travel thousand of miles to train with them.

Both have performed in many stages all around the globe, at the Boston Symphony Hall as part of their Centennial Celebration, have been invited to perform at the annual fundraiser of WGBH Boston, have been guests of the BNN-TV 3 Boston “It’s All About Arts” show (dedicated to promoting and educating in the world of art), featured in the Boston emblematic program “Chronicle”, Boston “First Night”. The list of places they have performed and taught are too long to list.