Nestor and Katrina

Nestor-and-KatrinaSynonymous with Bachata and Salsa in Australia, Nestor (one of the founders and Directors of the Sydney International Bachata festival) and Katrina have taught Salsa and Bachata all over the world and Australia.

Nestor of Uruguayan and Katrina of Portuguese descent, they are Australias first and prominent bachata exports, they have represented Australia in San Francisco, Los Angeles,Atlanta, Chicago, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Auckland, Hong Kong, Rome, Milan, London, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and the list goes on.

Nearly every corner of the world has been exposed to their funky and fun style of Bachata which encompasses many styles fused to make them one of the most versatile bachata couples in the world.

Recognised for energy, flair, fun and musicality in their choreographies, Nestor and Katrina are multiple AUSTRALIAN Bachata and Salsa, ASIAN Salsa and now also ACEKI WORLD BACHATA CHAMPIONS 2012!

Their Workshops are 2nd to none as their uncanny humour and amazing teaching ability always leave their students on high having learnt and had great fun at the same time!

Check them out in action at the Sydney International Bachata Festival 2011 !

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