Mitch and Ellicia

Mitch-ElliciaMitch and Ellicia were simply born to dance, and joining forces has seen them explode with success. They have truly made their mark on the Latin dance industry in Australia, Europe and Asia, as well as bedazzling many corporate and commercial clients worldwide.

Experts in Salsa, Bachata and Bachatango, together they are the current World Bachata Champions, the current Australian Salsa Open Champions, the current New Zealand Dancesport Latin Champions for Salsa and Bachata, quarter finalists of the 2012 World Salsa Open in Puerto Rico, and the 2010 Australian Bachata Teams Champions. They also choreographed and coached the 2011 and 2012 Australian Bachata Amateur Champions and the 2011 Australian Bachata Teams Champions. They are avid staff members for Latin Dance Australia and also run Latin classes at the Village Performing Arts for children.
Between them they have 34 years experience in the dance industry and have jointly or individually professionally taught/performed in over 30 countries of the world. Their diversity in dance style expertise sets them apart from many other Latin acts, having extensive training combined in Salsa, Bachata, Bachatango, Zouk, Ballet, Adagio, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Cabaret, and Burlesque. They are very well known for introducing Australia to the highly addictive style of Bachatango.