Kathy & Francisco

Kathy Reyes and Francisco Junior have been working together for two years. She is the co-director of Divachata, an all ladies group in Los Angeles and director of Bachata Pasion in san diego. She has won two bachata competition in Los Angeles and has also placed top finalist at the World Latin Dance Cup. Kathy also choreographed music video “Me Gusta” by Famous Venezuelan Artist El Potro Alvarez ft Oscarsito and worked as a backup dancer for Prince Royce, Sensato, Freddy Munoz, Sami Cultura,and JannyMarko.

Francisco Junior is the co-director of Grizzly Dance Company. He is trained in different dance styles, has also won several team competition, placed third at the on1 division at the World Latin Dance cup and top finalist for the Bachata Cabaret division.

Kathy and Francisco truly captivate the hearts of many when they set foot onto the dance floor. They have acquire national attention through their hard work, dedication, charisma, showmanship and their unique style and interpretation of music. No doubt that their talent is a true gift from God and a blessing for others: dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart takes one to a whole different level.