Kadu and Sara

Kadu Sara Kizomba CamoKadu Pires and Sara Nicole bring a unique energy to the scene since they first started sharing their passion of Kizomba early in 2012. Between then and now, the enthusiasm for Kizomba has really gained momentum and is now growing steadily around Brisbane.

Both Kadu and Sara are well known for their fun, classy and fresh take on an old classic, and are constantly bringing new and innovative ideas into their Modern style of Kizomba. With a very versatile dance background, they both utilise different skills and extensive years of creative dance experience to help teach and portray Kizomba in a distinctive way.
They have both had the honour, being invited to perform and teach with Kizomba icons Albir Rojas and Sara Lopez at professional congresses in 2013 & 2014, which was an experience that many dream of and one that definitely pushed a solid foundation and understanding of the style through intensive training.

Kadu and Sara have been invited and attended many events and are quickly becoming favourites for their energetic and limitless style fused with a happy and fun teaching energy. With their experience in Brazilian dance styles, such as Samba de Gafieira (Samba) and Brazilian Zouk (Zouk), they are ecstatic to be bringing Kizomba to new audiences at some very well renowned events such as the Sydney Latin Festival, Casa do Zouk, Melbourne Latin Festival, Byron Latin Fiesta, Melbourne Kizomba Festival and the recent Bailar Kizomba Festival in Sydney.

Kadu is already very highly regarded in the world of Brazilian dance with his professional dance partner Larissa Thayane. He has the opportunity to be continuously inspired by the latest trends during his international engagements at the worlds biggest Latin dance events. He is also a very successful singer of Zouk and Kizomba music and a DJ in high demand on an international level.

Together Kadu and Sara maintain regular dance classes, performance teams and social events in their Modern style of Kizomba at K&L Dance and really enjoy seeing their students grow and use their creativity to spread the passion to dance and the fun moments of the K&L Dance Family.