Juan & Shade

Juan & Shade final poseJuan Ruiz is known as the father of Bachata in Australia. He is the person reponsible for introducing Bachata back in 2004. From then on, his Bachata career has exploded making him one of the most popular Bachata instructors in the world. Juan is one of the most sought after Bachata Instructor in the scene. He has taught hundreds of workshops throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas to thousands of students around the globe.

Juan Ruiz is the pioneer of the Bachata Moderna movement and Bachata in general. Juan changed the world of Bachata dancing when he decided to step “out of the box” with his Bachata Moderna footwork and fundamentals. Nowdays, Bachata Moderna and its fundamentals are recognized worldwide, and taught by many instructors all over the world

Juan is also the director of Bachateros Australia and Tropical Soul dance Studio. In addition, Juan is one of the directors of the prestigious Sydney International Bachata Festival.

Together with Shade Zed, they have become a world recognized Bachata power couple! They have taught workshops all over Australia, and overseas including Malaysia at the World Bachata Festival. Juan & Shade were crowned Australia Bachata Champions in 2014 at the Australia Latin Dance Championships.