Juan Calderon

JC-fullJuan Calderon is a world known dance instructor/ choreographer/ performer/ social dancer and entrepreneur. Just last year he taught/ performed/ coached/ choreographed in 16 different countries. What sets him apart from other instructors is his background in education, dance and Life Coaching. Juan studied business management at Seton Hall University which set his foundation to build his brand. He treated his dance company and school like a fortune 500 company using the same techniques that work in the world of business but translating them into the world of dance.

When it comes to his dance education, Juan went the unconventional route of learning multiple styles of dance at the same time. While a college student he took a part time job at United Airlines to fly to major cities to train with the top dance instructors around the world. This education of multiple styles put Juan at an immediate advantage since he was able to teach, perform and social dance different styles as soon as he entered the convention/congress/festival dance circuit. So, since different cities had different markets of which style is mostly used, Juan put himself in the position of being easily marketable regardless of what style was preferred by the hosting city.

Juan is a master instructor of multiple styles of dance including Bachata Sensual, Bachata Clasica, Urban Bachata, Bachata Fusion, Salsa On 1, Salsa On 2, Rueda De Casino, LA Style, NY Style, Miami Style and Puerto Rican Style. In addition Juan has also added to his repertoire Kizomba & Zouk in the last few years. In the biggest Bachata Congress in the United States (the Washington DC Bachata Congress), Juan had the most packed workshop of the weekend in 2013 and his class was so well attended it was chosen by the Washington Post Newspaper to be featured. Photos of his lesson were printed in the newspaper and have helped Bachata spread even further in the United States.

Juan and his dancers gained worldwide recognition very quickly which set the stage for Juan’s first DVD. Juan’s first instructional DVD became an overnight sensation and climbed to the highest sales on Amazon.com during it’s first year over many well known instructional videos. This allowed Juan Calderon and his dancers to enter the world of international dance conventions and tours of North America, Latin America & Europe, since his DVD was being sold around the world through the internet. In a few years Juan earned 3 lifetime achievement awards from some of the world’s biggest and most famous Dance Conventions including both of the United States: East Coast Congress & West Coast Congress. Which at the time were the 2 biggest latin dance events in the USA.

Most recently Juan has added to his thorough teaching style a holistic approach which takes elements from other disciplines. How has this impacted his teaching and his relevance in the world of Latin Dance? He had a major television network approach him and is currently negotiating a reality based show on “Dance Therapy”.

Juan uses his weekly dance classes as a platform to help his students in all aspects of life. Using Life Coaching techniques, Juan has built a following of students who not only learn how to dance, but they also strive for something higher. He developed a club he calls “High Achievers” who not only track their improvement in dance but their improvements in LIFE. Such as: Working Less and making more money, traveling more and living life to the fullest, experiencing new cultures and new activities.

Just last year Juan took on 10 new pastimes he had never tried, such as Ice-skating, Yoga, Capoeira, Playing the Violin, Wind Surfing, Photography, Snowboarding, and more. He encourages his students to always keep learning and to continue to expand their knowledge.

His education as a Life and Career Coach has also allowed him the opportunity to coach dance instructors and studio owners. He has clients around the world who have hired him to use his methodology, syllabus and business style to increase their enrollment, size and revenue. He has coached several dance studios to drastically increase their revenue, double in physical size (the size of the business location), triple enrollment and even had a studio grow so much they quadrupled their teaching staff to be able to handle the new high demand.

Juan Calderon will be in Sydney for the Bachata Festival DON’T MISS IT!!

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