Jose Luis and May

Jose-MayJose started dancing at the age of 18 years old when his sister Sandra Camean introduced him to Tango. Jose quickly fell in love with the dance and the way it made him feel. Excited by new movements and the thirst to add more and more to his dance repertoire, he began to learn different styles including all Latin Dance varieties such as Bachata, Salsa, Cha Cha Cha and Social Ballroom. Unable to quech his thirst and as a perfectionist always wanting to improve his style, technique and versitility he learnt different styles such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Neo-classic, just to name a few.

Jose’s passion for dancing led him to perform Tango professionally for many years in Argentina & Spain. He went on to travel to South Korea for the World Tango Championships 2008 Xtrex Games, were he represented Spain by performing a classic Argentinian Tango. He was also a member of the dance company Conceptango 2009, where he performed in theatres across Spain.

Since moving to Brisbane to study English in 2010, Jose found Tango once again call his name and so he took a job as a dance instructor for 3 years at Smooth Latin Groove. During that time he have secured 1st place at the Australia Salsa Open 2012 as Professional Couple in the Latin division at the State Championships and 3rd place as Professional Couple in the Latin division at the National Championships in 2012.

Since May was tiny she loved to dance, she recalls when her grandmother used to dance Flamenco with her at the kitchen and believes her grandmother passed on all her love for the music and the culture of the traditional dances. Starting with Ballet when She was 3, Flamenco at 7 and performing when she was 12. Later came Hiphop and Jazz.

“My dance life changed when my parents started learning some ballroom when I was 16 and that was when I started partner dance. It was just a few lessons until I found Salsa and Bachata, when I was 17 years old. That was the beginning of many nights dancing, a lot of mornings at the uni with few hours sleep for the love of Salsa & Bachata.

When I was 26 I met Jose at a Salsa Club and the day after we were dancing Tango together, literally. Since we met each other we have been sharing the journey of learning together. Tango, Salsa, Bachata and other dance styles such as Milonga, Vals, Cha Cha Cha…it never stops…”

May has been performing since she was young. She entered the professional dance world when her and Jose started teaching together 7 years ago. After they settled in Australia they were competing together as a couple; duets and even solos in different categories and competitions, winning across the board.

Since moving to Australia the have both worked hard together on different dance styles to show their versatility. Their focus and passion is with Tango, they want to introduce this beautiful Argentine dance to the community and inspire other styles to use the technique, elegance and connection that Tango can offer. With this vision you will now find them throughout Australia and New Zealand at congresses, festivals and parties, teaching workshops that inspire through their passion and technique.