Jorge and Kalnish

Jorge-bigJORGE ZUBIETA – Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher of Latin rhythms and ballroom dance with extensive academic background, Jorge Zubieta achievement merge each of the dances studied in its own unique style, making a significant difference in their field.

He spent most of his life to what most passionate about: La Salsa and Ballroom dance. Today it is one of the most renowned professors who spread Latin rhythms in Argentina and the world.

He enriched his dance studying different types of dances such as classical ballet, contemporary dance , ballroom dance (Rumba, Samba, Jive, Paso Doble and cha cha cha), Flamenco, Cuban Folklore, modern dance Cuban, Lamba Zouk, Kizomba, Bachata and Tango Argentino.

Dance for “EL Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Jose Alberto El Canario and Los adolecentes orchestra”. Along Jose Alberto “El Canario” was featured in the TV Argentina. It was dancer in Argentina film “Las Insoladas” (2014). Directed by Gustavo Taretto.

Director and dancer of her own company “Yambe Dance Company” Argentina-Japan.

He is distinguished for his style and elegance, has achieved particularly noted for his way of expressing the music. The originality of her choreography on stage characterizes which marks its own style.

Creator of the 1st National Amateur Salsa Competition in Argentina and creator of 1st event Bachata Empire in Japan.

He managed to position itself as one of the leaders of Latin rhythms in Latin America and Asia.

Currently still active in the area of Latin rhythms. He was invited to dictate shows, whorkshops, seminars and intructorados in Argentina and different countries from outside as Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, South Korea, China, Malysia and Japan. This year make your tour of Asia: Japan, Australia, India, Malysia and China.

It has been called on several occasions as a judge for various National level competitions which led him to a position in Argentina and Japan as one of the leaders of Latin rhythms internationally.
workshops shows & judgment

LithaKALNISH KASHNA SCHUBERT -Kalnish has been dancing since the tender age of 8. She has been actively dancing Salsa, Bollywood and Bhangra since young. She now teaches Kids & Adult Bollywood and Kids Salsa at Shamballa Tribeni Dance and Music School in Klang

Kalnish graduated from Shiamak Davar’s Dance Academy in Mumbai, India in 2014. While in India she was actively involved in shows in India such as Star Parivaar Awards 2013 and Toni and Guy show 2013

She is currently pursuing her Certificate III in dance, DANCE Factory pyt ltd, Melbourne Australia.

She has also performed in various shows, public & corporate events such as:

The Malaysian Vesaki festival 2009
The World Bachata Festival, Kuala Lumpur 2010
The Malaysian Vesaki festival 2010
The International Indian Food Festival in China 2011
Corporate shows in Bangkok, Thailand in 2011.
The Malaysian Vesaki festival 2011.
The World Bachata Festival, Kuala Lumpur 2012
World Star Road to Hollywood in 2012.
India International Dance Congress 2014 in Bangalore
Her most recent performance at the Osaka Latin Dance Festival 2014

Kalnish has also been featured in the Malaysian Government Education Portal for the involvement in dance.