John and Chloe

John-ChloeJohn Toretto

Professional dancer, teacher and choreograph, John Toretto comes from France. Dancer passionate for years by Latin dance, he quickly specialised in Bachata, trained by the most famous dancers of Bachata. He started learning Bachata Moderna with Jorge Ataca & La Alemana. Then, he created his own company “Bachata Del Sol” in Paris. In order to master all the aspects of this dance, he travelled across Europe (Italy, Spain, England, and Poland) to perfect his Bachata Dominicana (with Carlos Cinta and Troy & Jorget…) as well as his Bachata Sensual (with Korke & Judith and Daniel & Desirée). Versatile dancer par excellence, he nowadays teaches Bachata Fusion and mixes various styles of Bachata by combining Dominican footsteps, body rolls and turns. He is now increasing his competencies by teaching Kisomba after being trained by well known French teachers Like Cymeon Mopao, Tony Pirata, or Albir Rojas (from Spain).. Today he has left his country to come especially to Australia to share his knowledge. He used to teach in Perth and he gave several workshops around Australia. Now, he decided to moved to Brisbane where he going to keep going to teach and share his passion…

Chloe Loh

Chloe Loh is one of Australia’s leading female dance instructors and performers in Salsa, Bachata, Samba and Kizomba. She is known for her high-energy, passion and creativity on stage, socially and in her classes. Chloe has been apart of latin community for over 10 years, now running her own professional entertainment company and dance school, Paradizo. Over the years, she has produced numerous student choreographies and professional dance shows, as well as being a professional judge on the competition circuit. She has performed for Channel 10 on Everybody Dance Now as a finalist with her professional Samba Team, and contracted as the official entertainment for numerous special events around Australia. Her aim is to share her passion and knowledge with her students and professional dancers so that dance in the community is improving in culture and quality!