Emily Glubb EDP

Emilys love for dance started at an early age when Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Cyndi Lauper were Superstars. She didn’t have any proper dance training until she was 8yrs old, and to much of her dismay, it wasn’t anything glamorous as she hoped- Highland Dancing. After a couple of years, she decided to excel in a sporting career, in swimming and surf life saving. Though her love for music and dancing never died, she wasn’t introduced to formal dance training until 2007, which first had learnt Salsa On1. She wasn’t convinced until her father sent her to the Sydney Salsa Congress, which was her graduation present, and her life changed from then on. She partnered Nirico in 2009 and became the lead female Instructor for Bachaotearoa. She taught and performed at the Sydney International Bachata Festival in 2009-2011. Also the Singapore International Bachata Festival, and Byron Bay Latin Fiesta 2011.