Edwin Ferreras

Based in New York, Edwin Ferreras is a Dominican-born dancer, scholar, and educator of Dominican arts. Edwin, continuously striving to diversify his content, provides his students with an exceptional in-depth music and dance experience. He is widely popular for his innovative methods of teaching connection, musicality, history, cultural idioms, footwork and social dance skills. He has traveled around the world including; Australia, Brazil, China, Russia, and throughout the United States, encouraging his students to express themselves in their own unique way.

Edwin works with multitalented singer, actor, and dancer, Dakota Romero, who is a vital counterpart to his work in the Latin dance community. Dakota grew up in Los Angeles and began her dance career at the tender age of 10. She has trained in ballet, hip hop, and flamenco, but Latin dance has always been her passion. Together, Edwin and Dakota teach and perform, both at home in New York, and across the globe, captivating the world of dance.


Edwin-2Aside from being an educator, Edwin is also a talented musician. As a composer, arranger, and producer, he has worked with various artists in the Latin Pop industry including: Aventura, Alex Wayne, Kiko Rodriguez, Naiah, Luis Miguel del Amargue and Any Andy, as well as many others. He also plays various instruments and has a firm understanding of music history and theory. He believes that his experiences as a musician have offered him a unique advantage as a dancer, allowing him to interpret music in very distinct ways.

Edwin started dancing at the age of 18 as a break-dancer/B-boy. Shortly after he joined KR3Ts, where under the instruction of Violeta Galagarza, he learned about hip-hop culture and street dance. After becoming interested in Mambo/Salsa, he sought out to learn salsa from Eddie Torres in 2006. He continued to explore mambo by taking classes and with Piel Canela, Karisma, Santo Rico, Vitico La Magia, Yamulee, and more recently Frankie Martinez, and Franklin Diaz.

Today he is the lead Bachata instructor at Joel Salsa dance School in New York where he teaches leading and following techniques as well as all elements of Bachata music and dance including culture. He also dances and trains with numerous groups including Yamulee, Caribbean Soul, Sekou McMiller, Washington Heights Breakers, and LFX Dancers.

Edwin-1As a scholar he continues to learn more about the authentic rooted early Afro-Latin dances Bachata Bolero, Son, Merengue to further his growth as an ambassador and advocate for social dances and authenticity. He stands out in the vast NYC dance scene. With his multiple areas of expertise, Edwin has sought out to put a special team together to fulfill the great potential within their trademark “FUSION” style, which gave rise to the birth of LatinFX Dancers.

Edwin was one of the founders and first instructors of Bachata in New York City along with the first person to host classes and socials Joe Burgos of Piel Canela. More over Edwin was the original teacher of the first and what has become the largest ongoing Bachata party in New York “Bachateame Mama” organized by Alejandro Bouza and himself. Edwin has performed and taught in various dance congresses and festivas around the world including Canada, Dominican Republic, China, Argentina, Brazil, Russia just to name a few. He has also worked in major cities in the U.S. including; New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Providence, Boston, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and many more.

In 2013 Edwin was honored by being chosen as Bachata Ambassadors and Dance Specialists to be featured in the Howcast Bachata Series. Howcast, “the world leading source for fun, free, and useful how-to videos and guides.”Along with former partner Daniela Grosso the series has been widely popular around the world and continues to serve as the #1 of instructional Free Bachata videos.
Edwin now teaches student’s young and old around the U.S. many dance styles including; salsa, hip-hop, merengue, and bachata amongst other dance forms. He continues to captivate the U.S. with his unique and musical style. In fact, he has been nominated for and won multiple Dance Awards in New York and Reno Nevada including, Most Influential Instructor, Most Versatile Dancer, Best New Teachers, Best Bachata Instructors, Best Choreographers, and Best Performing Couple, amongst other categories. Edwin teaches one of the most popular bachata classes in New York City hosted by JoelSalsa. His class stands out from the rest as he places less focus on numbers and more focus on the sounds of the instruments bongo, bass, and lead guitar (requinto), teaching students to listen and feel while they express themselves in a fun energetic environment.

Edwin has and continues to work with numerous professionals in the field of music and dance education including ladies styling specialist Daniela Grosso, scholar and film specialist Adam Taub, music and dance specialist Carlos Cinta and his dance training and teaching dance partner Dakota Romero. His goal is to take his love and passion for dance to a global market to share and teach students around the world the wonderful and expressive art form of dance. You can continue to support Edwin and LFX Dancers in their journey around the world by learning more about them, following them on Facebook and YouTube as well as lfxdancers.com. “Dance is our language, join the conversation.”