Cristina Ramon

Born in Rio de Janeiro, this multitalented girl has ben dancing & competeing with dance since the tender age of 4! After graduating from the 8 years full time dance training at “Escola Estadual de Dancas Maria OLenewa (EDMO)” in Rio, Brazil, In 1993, Cristina became an “Artista Bailarina” at the age of 15 (accepted by the Artists Syndicate of Rio de Janeiro) and got invited for her first professional dance job at the Golden Brazil Musical, Scala-Rio, to work on the weekly TV Program in Brazil Academia do Faustao as an aerobic dancer and w/the Brazilian singer Mara Maravilha. But for Cristina, the most accomplished work satisfaction was to be selected byOswaldo Sargentelly (1923-2002) to be his mascot in 1994. Oswaldo was internationally recognized as the pioneer of shows of Mulatas (samba girls), she had her own dance number Samba on Point Shoes. Cristina traveled to Caribbean, Japan and Philippinesin the same year. Then, back to Brazil in 1996, Cristina worked at the worldwide play ORFEO The Negro and as lead dancer at the Beto Carrero Circus, in Rio.

In 1998 Cristina arrived in Australia and straight away was recognized as the ‘Samba Queen’ by many. This acknowledgement led her to many other countries such as Indonesia, India, Japan, Singapore and PNG with the Brazilian Fantasy Show. Cristina has done a lot of Film and Television work: FARSCAPE, MI2, Matrix Reloaded, Garage Days, Hey Baby, Banana TV, Fat Pizza and TVC’s: Mac Donald’s, Toyota, RIVA Coffee, Bacardi, Banana TV, RAVE Cigarettes and Kerrie Anne Show.

In 2003, Cristina was chosen amongst nearly 4000 artists, after nine months of auditions, to complete the 54 cast members of the Multi-billionaire Winning Production THE LION KING, Sydney. In 2005 Cristina joined Afro-Cuban Express where she remained for a year and was also invited as a Salsa Dance Instructor on the Reality TV Program on channel 10 “Honey, We’re Killing the Kids”. Cristina has been Managing entertainers for all sort of events in the past 11 years such as the annual ‘FILEX’ FITNESS EXPO , OPERA HOUSE”NYE Party and many more. In 2006 Cristina joined forces with VIVA Magazine to organize the successful LOUNGE BRAZIL Events. In October 2007 Cristina had a Special appearance as a Samba Dancer for the Dancing With The Stars, National TV Program and created along with Nei Boa Morte “VIVA BRASIL”, with an amazing debut appearance at the FIESTA in Darling Harbor with 20 performers and has also produced her very own production VIVA AO MUNDO at The Factory Theatre, Enmore, with more than 30 members in the show, all under her direction on March 2008 which lead them to perform in Malaysia. In 2008 Cristina performed live on stage at the Australia MTV Dance AWARDS with WYCLEAF and the Bollywood Spice. Cristina has been teaching Samba for the past 14 years at numerous studios, dance schools, high schools, universities and international events such as the Latin Dance Coroboree, Australia Salsa Championships, Jambalaya Festival (NZ), Brazil Central, sydney Salsa Congress and The Sydney International Bachata Festival. Cristina is also a Personal Trainer, Aerobic Instructor, Gym Instructor, accredited as Master Trainer in Fitness by the Australian Institute of Fitness and a member of M.E.A.A and FITNESS NSW and has a good understanding of languages such as Portuguese, Japanese, French, English and Spanish. Cristina also wrote many Fitness Columns for the VIVA Magazine, the only Latin lifestyle magazine in Australia. In 2010 Cristina became a Zumba certified Instructor and also had a special Appearance at the Australia’s “Victoria Secret’s” Launch as a Samba Dancer and incorporated a new dance fusion “Belly-Samba”. Cristina are currently studying Diploma In Beauty Therapy at the ANCB Sydney, and teaches Samba classes at Tropical Soul Dance Studios in Darlinghurst and Dance Central in Surry Hills, does mobile privates all around Sydney and also coaches most Samba professionals on a weekly basis.