Ben and Diala

Ben-DialaBen Brillante and Diala Raad began performing together in 2007. They ran their first bachata performance group in 2008, which evolved into what is now known as “Bachata Con Sabor”. They have continued to choreograph routines performed at the Australian Bachata Championships at the professional, semi-professional and team divisions, as well as teaching and performing at the many festivals nationally and overseas.
Their sultry, sexy and romantic style of bachata has earned them recognition as two of the leading bachata instructors and dancers in Canberra.
From a young age Diala has been very musical, and in 2004 she found a passion for dance as a new way to express herself musically. She has since explored various styles of dance but bachata has been her main love and focus. She is drawn to bachata music for its emotional and passionate elements and dominican rhythms; this is reflected in her choreographies and social dancing. She is grateful to have been given the opportunity to contribute to the development of bachata at this year’s festival.
Originally from the Philippines, Ben was raised around family and friends who trained in music and dance. In 2004, he was introduced to Latin dancing in Sydney and continued with Salsabor when he moved to Canberra in 2005. With a background in music, RnB and Hip-Hop dancing, he quickly established an understanding of the Latin rhythms and before long became one of the sort after dancers and instructors in the Canberra Latin scene. Ben is known for his friendly, fun and high-energy personality both on and off the dance floor. He loves all forms of Latin dancing and in particular, bachata for its rhythmic footwork, passionate interpretation and sensuality.
Ben and Diala have both been teachers with Salsabor for many years.