Arthur and Layssa

arthurlayssaArthur and Layssa are one of the most popular Zouk and Gaffiera dancers in the world! They have performed and taught at almost every single Zouk festival! Now residing in Adelaide, South Australia, Arthur and Layssa are sharing their passion of dance by teaching and performing Zouk, Samba de Gafieira and many other Brazilian styles of dance for Latin Dance Nation.


Layssa Liebscher, was born in Rio de Janeiro and at 14 years old she discovered her passion for Classical Ballet with her teacher Sandra Castro. Performer, Teacher and Choreographer, she started dancing Latin and Ballroom in 2007. She specialized in Zouk and Samba de Gafieira during her years as part of Renata Peçanha’s Dance Company in Brazil. Jazz, Classical and Contemporary Ballet, are other dance styles that she studied for many years improving her technique. She has been also involved with the Márcia Pinheiro Company, where she choreographed shows of Ballet and Contemporary Dance.

Layssa has worked for Coca Cola Brazil as a ballet dancer in parade called Parada Encantada Copacabana/Rio de Janeiro in 2006. Performed in the DVD “O Baile” in Rio de Janeiro – 2007


Arthur Liebscher was born in Goiânia and at 14 years old discovered his dance passion at high school. Performer, Teacher and Choreographer, he started dancing Latin and Ballroom in 2007 and after 3 months was invited to made part of Sport Dance’s Company where he learned Zouk, Salsa, Samba de Gafieira, Bolero, Tango, Chachacha and Forró.

In December 2007 he did his first Zouk workshop with Renata Peçanha in Goiânia and has never looked back.

From 2007 till 2008, he went to study in Mexico where he started to teach Brazilian dances at Mundo Dance Academy. At Mundo Dance Academy, he taught Brazilian dances workshops and there where he met Paulina Pousadas, today 3 times World Championship in Salsa On2, who invited Arthur to bee part of the dance company MoreSalsa.

After his time in Mexico, he returned to Brazil where he started to teach at Goiania’s Sport Dance Academy. Since this time, he has been involved in many dance events including:

In 2010, Arthur was accepted in Goiás Federal University where he completed his Physical Education Course learning Human Anatomy and Biomechanics, instruments that he still uses to perform and teach his students today.

In 2012, he opened his own school, Arthur Liebscher Dance Studio in Goiânia. And in beginning of 2013, he started his partnership with world renowned dancer, his wife Layssa Liebscher.

Arthur & Layssa are coming to the Bachata Festival thanks to the Sydney Zouk Festival!