Armand de Saint-Salvy

Armand studied kizomba overseas from the world’s most foremost kizomba and semba experts from Angola, Portugal, Cabo Verde and the UK. He is now on a mission to spread kizomba love across Australia and is one of the country’s leading kizomba, semba and tarraxihna proponents. He’s performed and taught across Australia and internationally. He values authenticity in his kizomba approach and his classes are both fun and technical.

About Kizomba

Kizomba is an intoxicating partner dance originating from Angola. It spread to Portugal, is sweeping Europe by storm and is now one of the hottest new styles to capture the hearts of dancers down under. It could be described as an African tango, combining tango-esque partner work, complex turn patterns and Afro body movement. It’s danced to zouk/ ghetto zouk music, but can also be danced to rnb, hip hop, reggaton and dancehall. However, the true magic of Kizomba is in its essence – two people fusing their energies into one, creating a beautiful synergy that makes this dance completely intoxicating.

Currently, Armand teaches Kizomba at Tropical Soul Dance Studio every wednesday night