Amy Mills

Amy’s desire and passion for the art of performance has opened many doors over the years. A member of the LDA Professional Team since April 2005, Amy brings her experience and flavor to the dance floor. In addition to all of the styles taught here at LDA (Samba, Lambada, Brazilian Fitness, Salsa LDA Style, Cha Cha, Bachata, Dance Aerobics), her dance repertoire, training and teaching experience in the past 10 years includes: Traditional Ukrainian Folk Dance (Folk Ballet), Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre, Podium and Character Podium work, Ballroom (Swing, Waltz, Polka), Belly Dance (Egyptian), some Polynesian, Break Dance, Jazz, and don’t forget one of the greatest, Cheerleading (Captain: 2 years!).

Let Samba, Brazil’s timeless dance, move you. Join Amy Mills for a hip and fun introduction to this amazing dance, while burning major calories. Set to the contagious rhythms of Brazilian drums, this high energy workout is sure to inspire all fitness levels. It’s all about letting the rhythm move you and celebrating life – Brazilian Style!

Brazilian Dance is a fun and energetic cardio-workout for all fitness levels. Samba, Reggae, Axé, African moves and many others are combined in a great routine that will make you sweat and put a smile on your face. It’s all about letting the rhythm move you and celebrating life!