Dario and Sara

Dario and Sara

Darío and Sara began to dance together in 2015. Darío began to work as a teacher with only 17 years in Tenerife and Sara 3 years ago. They are 26 and 21 years old Dario moved to Seville to dance with her. In their first year as a dance couple competed in various competitions in Spain but it is something that does not make them enjoy. One year ago they set up their own school in Seville called Social Dance, this name was put in the wake of their thinking about bachata, they think that it is primarily a social dance. Darío and Sara are known for their different and original style and each day they have more recognition in an international way. In your workshops you will not only learn, but also have fun with them. They love to have a good time on the dance floor with everyone.


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21 November 2017

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