The Sydney Bachata Festival is proud to present the BIGGEST Bachata Concert in Australia. For 2019, we are proud to announce, one of the most prominent names in the Bachata industry today, a singer who has become synonyms with Bachata worldwide!

We will have, all the way from the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, one of the most talented BACHATEROS in the world, JOEL SANTOS! JOEL SANTOS will be offering 2 concerts for the Sydney Bachata Festival

  • Thursday, 25 of April, at the Welcoming Party. Mini concert, 2 to 3 songs
  • Saturday, 27 of April, main night of the event. FULL CONCERT WITH A LIVE BAND (SON VENENO)!


Singer, songwriter and dancer, of the new Bachata. Born in Sevilla, Spain, he has dedicated many years to learning music. Dani J has become one of the most prominent Bachata artists in the world, known for his refreshing style and new hits like “Sin ti”, “Quitémonos la ropa”, “Confiésale”, “Tan lejos de mí”, and many others…

Dani J is considered by Google Play Music as one of the Bachata artists to follow in 2017 and 2018. His music videos have millions of views on Youtube, lots of streaming counts on Spotify and also, on Facebook.

Dani J is a versatile and energetic artist, he will not only sing the best melodies, he will also engage the audience and impress with his dance moves!





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