The Sydney Bachata Festival is proud to present the ONLY Bachata Concert in Australia. For 2017, we are proud to announce, not only one but TWO amazing Bachata singers for a presentation of 2 concerts in one night!

We will have, all the way from the United States (via the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC & PUERTO RICO), one of the most talented BACHATEROS in the world, coming back once again to Australia! DOMENIC MARTE (D-MARTE)! As well as, from Miami, USA, the world renown TOKE D KEDA!

In 2017 DOMENIC MARTE will be performing live at the 10th Sydney International Bachata Festival! This will be his 2nd tour to Australia, the last time being 2012 and we can honestly say, he puts on a great show and his last concert was one of the best our festival has ever experienced!



DOMENIC MARTE, of Puerto Rican & Dominican descent is not only multi-talented, but a man with a bright future. He cleverly fuses rhythms and sounds from his Caribbean background along with modern influences to create his own distinct style of Bachata.

The Boston-based artist, who began his career 14 years ago has recently earned his first No 1 on the tropical songs airplay chart (dated Oct 8) as “Como Quisiera” hops 3-1 in its 13th charting week (up 14 percent in spins in the week ending 25 Sept according to, Neilson Music).

When D Marte spoke to Billboard about reaching No 1 he said, “We are really happy. For us it’s humbling after so many years of fighting. It’s not an easy road but we always keep trying.”

D Marte wears many hats as a song writer and music producer. Signing in Spanish and English and delivering a variety of musical styles from Latin pop and Bachata to some smoothed out R&B, he covers a wide audience and has a large following worldwide.

Albums that he is well known for include: “Intimamente”, “Deseos De Amarte”, “The Voice” and “For The World”. The song “Deseos De Amarte”, from the same album was his first debut on the billboard charts in 2007, peaking at No 5. His previous chart peak was in 2012 when “Muero de Ceolos” featuring Luz Rios reached No 4. His peak in 2016 with “Como Quisiera” is ahead of a new album, to be release early 2017.

D Marte has been nominated for the following Awards;

  1. Premio Lo Nuestro in 2005- 2010 as Song of the Year/ Male Artist Of The year/ Traditional Tropical Artist of the Year.
  2. Billboard Latin Music Awards 2005- Artist of the Year
  3. Latin Pride Awards 2008 – Artist of the Year
  4. Premios estrella de New York
  5. Premios Charolos
  6. Premios Circulo Dorado

D Marte has toured in the United States & abroad: Hawaii – USA (First Bachata singer to ever perform in Hawaii), Poland (First Bachata singer to ever perform in Poland), Argentina, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Honduras, Ecuador, Columbia, Canada, United States and the SummerFest 2014 – The Worlds Largest Festival.


Billboard write up:


There’s much more to Toke D Keda and lead singer/songwriter/producer Eddie Blazquez than just their innovative Tropic-Pop sounds.

Together they’ve created a uniquely appealing and multidimensional musical experience that have garnered them a global and loyal fan base. In just 10 year’s time Toke D Keda has become the leading exponent of Latin music’s hottest genre “Bachata” throughout Europe and Asia as well as one of the most sought after touring bands.

Through numerous collaborations with the world’s biggest artists such as Ricky Martin, Willie Colon, Ilegales, Wisin & Yandell, Calle 13, Manu Chao, Nek, among many others, Eddie has taken the audiovisual art form to another level. From their unveiling performance in 2003 at Miami’s iconic Calle Ocho Festival to more than 550 concerts in 45 countries in 6 continents including (Russia, Holland, Australia, Egypt, Spain and Italy among others). Toke D Keda is by all accounts the epitome of a band that’s taking their beat to the streets.

Eddie Blazquez’s multilingual abilities which include Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian has enabled Toke D Keda to communicate off and on the stage with multitudes of fans and media in all corners of the planet. Sometimes referred to as fusional, their blend of electronic, Latin and Tropic-Pop beats lay the foundation to their over the top hit records and live shows. Their version of Latin classic “Lamento Boliviano” has become Bachata music’s biggest under ground hit ever!

Throughout their musical journey Toke D’Keda and Eddie Blazquez have remained a trailblazing presence on the music scene influencing countless aspiring new artists by continuously pushing the sonic envelope. They have always been more than a Miami band with bongos and a guira. They’re about transcending expectations and shattering preconceived notions.

Toke D Keda and Eddie Blazquez’s musical vision is and will always be about boundless exploration and unrestricted to definition.

More on Eddie Blazquez & Toke D Keda:

Eddie Blazquez has fed and clothed homeless people through his non-profit foundation The Human Project (Homeless In Miami). He has also provided wheelchairs for paralyzed dogs. You can read more at

You can also learn more about Eddie’s collaborations at

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