LIVE BAND – Son Veneno


We are very excited to announce that KARLOS ROSE will be backed by a Full Live band with talented musician’s from the well known group SON VENENO, one of the best Latin Bands in Australia!

Son Veneno is our resident band, as they have played alongside our previous Bachata artists, such us: Daniel Santacruz, Monchy & Nathalia and Domenic Marte!

Son Veneno came to life in Sydney, Australia when brothers Cesar and Steve Marin began playing music together as kids after emigrating from Latin America. Inspired by the music of bands such as Los Van Van and Irakere they found their path throughthe music of Cuba. The decision was made to find like-minded musicians, with the intention of forming a band dedicated to raising the standard of Afro-Latin music in Australia. This musical endeavour led to the formation of SON VENENO.

The early addition of young singer/songwriter Carlos Velazquez lifted the project to new heights.

With a versatile mix of RNB, pop and soul, together with his domination of the Afro-Latin Sonero traditions, the band had found its unique and original voice.

The following years were spent performing around the country, building a healthy fan base and establishing themselves at the forefront of the music industry in Australia. Their extremely high levels of musicianship and performance led to the band being recognized internationally, constantly invited to perform at major festivals and events.

Son Veneno will be performing together with KARLOS ROSE on Saturday, 23rd of April. For tickets, go to the Concert Page.

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