Photography at the Event

PhotographyThe Sydney Bachata Festival aims to provide the best possible settings on and off the stage for the performers, dancers and general attendees to snap wonderful pictures throughout the entire event! Everybody is welcome to bring their cameras to the festival.

There will be a team of selected photographers in charge of takings professionals photos at the festival. This is our OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM, and they will have specific spots and locations to snap the best photos!

So make sure you smile and you show your best dancing posse when you see one of our photographers! And feel free to like and share the photos!

Klick Tiffany Photographer Mutati
Benoy EyeWitness Kelsie


Our Official Photography Team will upload the photos to our FB Page and other social media sites for you to re-live these wonderful moments. If you would like to buy a photo, please contact the respective photographer.